Argonaut Rowing Club

Founded in 1872, the Argonaut Rowing Club (ARC) is beautifully designed and one of Canada's oldest and largest clubs. The club has continued to play a significant role in this classic, demanding and rewarding sport.

The Argonaut Rowing Club is host to many unique weddings throughout the year. Nestled in the palm of Lake Ontario, the french doors of the Henley Room open to a 75 foot long lake front terrace. If your wedding takes place in the summer, you can enjoy watching the sailboats and rowers on the water and take in the beautiful night sky. In the winter, the room is a quiet and serene winter wonderland. The Henley Room was selected from thousands of Toronto venues and featured in the 2010 Toronto Life Wedding Guide and remains one of the most intimate settings in the Toronto area. The Henley Room is private and exclusive to you and your guests. Whether you are planning a large wedding, or just family and friends, our staff is ready to assist you in a creative way to ensure that your Toronto Wedding runs smoothly and effortlessly.