Bliss specializes in the details and considerations that make every wedding unique. We are happy to provide consultation and coordination on any or all of the details for your wedding.

Our role as wedding designers is simple in concept, it is our job to ensure our clients, the bride and groom, have a wonderful time planning their wedding with as little stress as possible. "We are the girlfriends who never get tired of talking about your wedding" It is on the wedding day that the couple extends their generosity and joy to their friends and family by hosting often the most extravagant celebration of their lifetime. We at Bliss have the privilege of working with couples to create a beautiful wedding day filled with romance, ease, delight and laughter that the newlyweds, their family and friends will always cherish. Following initial contact via telephone, email or word of mouth referral, we believe it is important to meet personally to discuss what ideas you have for your wedding. What are your priorities? How do you wish to make your wedding your own? Do you have specific considerations for food, flowers, photography, locations etc.? What areas do you feel you would like Bliss to assist you with? This initial meeting often serves as the launching pad to an exciting collaboration of ideas and desires that will result in the wedding that you've dared to dream aloud. This initial consultation service is compliments of Bliss.