Love, Paper & Ink

Letterpress is an old art form; a skilled craft that requires the machine be moved by hand to ink each sheet of paper individually.

Invitations are the first touch point of your event. They inform your guest about the kind of experience to come. Love, Paper & Ink is a purveyor of fine, custom letterpress wedding stationery. The age-old practice of letterpress – a method of printing that embeds ink into softer, more fibrous paper with a plate – requires a high level of craftsmanship. It delivers crisp, beautiful printing that is unforgettable for its texture and depth, and leaves a memorable impression in your hand. All of the stationery sets created at Love, Paper & Ink are custom-designed and printed using a 90 year-old hand-operated letterpress. As each invitation suite is bespoke and is exclusive to you and your event, there are no fixed prices. Typically, stationery sets begin at $2500.