Marlen James Photography

Marlen is the photographer for young couples who don't go the traditional route. For city hall weddings, or brides who want to show off their tattoos more than their wedding dress.

Why not surprise your loved one with sexy boudoir pictures? When you're posing for boudoir photography, Marlen James will take care of everything - your hair, make-up, and tell you how to pose. Some of the poses may feel silly, but they'll look great on camera! Marlen James has over ten years professional photography experience. She knows how to make everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera. These days, Marlen knows that many people have friends who can take pictures. It's why she offers a variety of packages to chose from. Maybe your friend can take pictures after the ceremony is over, Marlene will just shoot during the ceremony. Marlen James is the choice for young couples on a budget who might not go the traditional route, but who still want great wedding pictures!