Phototerra Studio

Phototerra Studio is renowned for taking photographs worthy of awards and photographs that are characterized as pieces of art.

Michael the principle photographer of Phototerra was voted one of the top 10 Canadian Wedding Photographers by his peers in the wedding industry. Michael Greenberg is renowned for taking photographs that are characterized as art pieces. The elegant play of fashion and journalism shines through every photograph, and it’s no wonder Michael Greenberg has been recognized as one of the top wedding photographers in Canada. Among his many talents, Michael is renown for his Renaissance-era-inspired elaborate group portraits he produced. One of them, “Family” won a Grand Award at WPPI 2010. He has won 11 WPPI awards and over 60 accolades of excellence in the last four years. His work has been published in numerous photography magazines including a recent book "The best of wedding photojournalism" by Bill Hurter. Michael and his studio actively perusing 3D technology. He was one of the first photographers to shoot a wedding entirely in 3D.